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Protected by a Freemason - Necklace

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Customer Reviews

kenneth hubeny


Not quite what i expected but its ok. My daughter acted like she liked it.

Ellie Rossi


I love this necklace...proud to wear it. Shipping was prompt and I thought the e-mail updates thoughtful. This was a five star purchase.

Vickie Stirmel Saltmarsh


Love this Dad has been a Mason for over 50 years!

janice showalter


I loved it thank you for getting my order here so fast.

Connie Best


Love the concept - But the chain turned my neck green??????

Wanted to try and sell these at a fund raiser but now - not sure due to the quality.

Carolyn Mason


What a nice symbol to wear.  Being "surrounded" by the many orders of Freemasonry in my life and growing up within, this is a nice reminder of the reality.  Thank you very much.