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President Donald J. Trump - Inauguration Day Men's & Women's Shirts


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Customer Reviews

Vance Lipovac


Great shirt!  I will wear it a lot.  Especially when the weather warms up.  Thank you, Gear Bubble!


Beth McLean


Just love it. Fits like I expected.

Karen Harrison


The shirt is beautiful!  I ordered it in pink.  It fits just the way I like it.  The service from Gearbubble is geat!  The shirt arrived just when I expected it in 7 - 12 days.

Fran Spencer


I LOVE THIS SHIRT!!!!!!! Since I live in the mountains of central California, I rarely go to our closest town for provisions. But each time I've made that 50 mile trip, I have worn that fabulous shirt! I've received so many wonderful comments on it, with no bad ones. Being a very large Hispanic town, I thought for sure, someone would want to argue or physically fight me for wearing this. It seems that all who are so against Trump, are afraid. Not one dirty look, kind of a scared look, and away they go. Haa Haa! Many people have smiled, nodded their head, and a few have said Thank You many times. I'm so proud to wear this, Thank You so very much for sending it so soon! I do have lots of bumper stickers, but there have been 3 vehicles totally destroyed by this, no kidding! So, of course, I don't mind if they feel to take their disagreement out on me, but not my truck!!!!!! Hope you've sold many! Merry Christmas 

Dan & Bobi Hoecker


We LOVE these t shirts. My husband is a long haul truck driver and wears his while out. He loves the conversation it gets him into. I wore minr to church (under my jacket) before the election....I got cheers!!!

Gonna wear our election day shirst on election day with pride!!!

Sylvia Bramante


I ordered 3 shirts, 2 for Christmas presents and 1 just for myself.  My 17 year old son saw the shirt and wanted one, so I ordered a shirt and a muscle shirt for my son.  He will be wearing his shirt to school on January 20, 2017.  They look terrific.